Andrew Savage

S31 Andrew Savage

S7 Andrew Savage

Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 29, 1963 (1963-07-29) (age 55)
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Attorney

Pearl Islands

Tribe(s) Morgan
Placement 10/16
Challenges 4
Day(s) Lasted 21


Tribe(s) Bayon
Placement  ?/20

Andrew Savage is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Cambodia.


Pearl IslandsEdit

Born in Utica, New York, Andrew M. Savage currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Stephanie (who is originally from the island of Mauritius), and their two daughters, Mackenzie, 5, and Skyleur, 3. He is currently employed as an intellectual property attorney at a major Chicago law firm. Savage and his wife previously owned an import/export company in South Africa. Savage earned a Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Cincinnati. His three favorite hobbies are rugby, cross-training and playing with his wife and kids. He describes himself as athletic, adventurous and ambitious. He is most proud of the fact that he met and married his soul mate and fathered two angelic girls. He is also proud of his brother, John, a singer/songwriter who has topped the charts on MP3 for his self-titled 1998 release, "John Savage" (a new release is due in the Fall of 2003). His hero is Nelson Mandela because he feels he is the truest Sole Survivor. In Savage's words, "President Mandela outwitted, outplayed and outlasted a troubled nation decimated by racism to eventually lead the country down the path to equality." He feels he's up for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his intelligence, athleticism and ability to get along with everyone in emotionally charged situations. His birth date is July 29, 1963. (From CBS)


Season: Survivor: Pearl Islands
Previous Finish: 10th place
What will you do differently this time around? "I absolutely love Survivor, and I have been tormented by the Outcast twist for 12 years. I am physically and mentally tougher than I have ever been, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to be the last one standing. It would truly be an honor to play the game again." (From CBS)

Pearl IslandsEdit

Andrew was the last member called out to the Morgan, and once he arrived at the camp he wanted to take the role as leader, believing it was unchallenged. Drake won the first immunity challenge forcing Morgan to vote a player out. Lillian Morris informed the tribe that Nicole Delma was going to blindside Tijuana Bradley. Despite Lillian's weakness, Andrew sided with the majority and voted out the deceiving Nicole. Soon after the tribal council he found himself in a majority alliance with, Ryan Opray, Darrah Johnson, Tijuana and Osten Taylor. Morgan often lost challenges and got looted by Drake. This became devastating when Sandra Diaz-Twine dismantled the shelter while looting the tarp. Andrew was upset when is friend and ally, Osten wanted to quit the game, so he chose to deny Osten's request to be voted out and vote out Ryan Shoulders. Believing that Osten had already quit the tribe, Lillian was mad that Ryan S. was voted off instead of him. She soon would be eliminated per Andrew's request.

At the next immunity challenge, Drake threw it giving Morgan their first immunity win. An added bonus to the win was that they may kidnap a member of the other tribe. They chose Rupert Boneham and he followed them back to camp. Rupert viewed the ethics their as poor and helped them improve the camp. At the next Reward Challenge, with help from Rupert, Morgan won for the first time, winning a shower, shampoo, conditioner, sponges, rain jackets, and a pot for boiling water. Andrew was chosen to loot the Drake camp where he stole a bag of rice. Morgan won the next challenge sending Drake to tribal. The tribe lost the Reward and was looted by Jon Dalton. Andrew was surprised by how well behaved Jon was and even gave him shampoo as a diplomatic gesture. Jon however revealed that Drake threw the first immunity challenge, this outraged Andrew by the fact that Dalton would want to take the satisfaction of the win away from them. Andrew made him retract his word by carrying 180 pounds, giving them another win.

The tribes were even 5-5 when the first six eliminated returned for a chance at redemption. The Outcasts beat both tribes sending them to tribal council. At Morgan's, Osten once again reminded everyone that he wanted to leave and tribe promised him that he would go. Finding a vote irrelevant, Osten became the first person ever to quit Survivor.

At the Outcast's Tribal Council Lillian and Burton Roberts were chosen to return. Andrew still held grudge against Lillian, questioning the trust between them. The tribes merged into, Balboa the next day and headed to the Drake camp. Andrew did not win immunity and was targeted due to his physical strengths and leadership of the Morgan tribe. Andrew and the rest of Morgan targeted Jon, but Lillian flipped and Andrew was blindsided in a 6-4 vote.

Voting HistoryEdit

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Nicole -
2 Ryan S. -
3 Lillian -
4 Morgan Tribe Immune
5 Morgan Tribe Immune
6 Morgan Tribe Immune
7 No Vote
8 Jon Burton, Christa, Jon,
Lillian, Rupert, Sandra
Voted Off, Day 21


Andrew was one of twenty castaways chosen out of a pool of 32 to have his second chance.

Voting HistoryEdit

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Bayon Tribe Immune
2 Bayon Tribe Immune