Survivor: Cambodia

Season 31
Runner Up
Final Vote
Castaways 20
Tribes Bayon
Ta Keo
Filming Location Koh Rong, Cambodia
Season Run September 23, 2015 – December, 2015
Filming Dates May 31, 2015 – July 8, 2015
Returning Castaways
Previous Season Survivor: Worlds Apart
Next Season Survivor 32

Survivor: Cambodia also known as Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance is the 31st season of Survivor

Unlike past season, Survivor fans were given a chance to select the cast of 20 through social media.


On May 6, 2015 it was revealed that the first time in Survivor history, the cast would be chosen by the fans. Through an online poll, fans would chose 10 men and 10 women from a pool of 32 that had only played once. The votes were tallied and read at the Survivor: Worlds Apart finale.

The chosen 20 were immediately flown out to Cambodia. This season was filmed after the 32nd season but will air as the 31st seasons, the 32nd season was filmed during the airing of Worlds Apart.

The filming of the season began on May 31, 15 years after the debut of the first episode, The Marooning.

Second Chance VoteEdit

Following the airing of the Worlds Apart episode Holding On for Dear Life a list of 32 one time players who did not win, was posted on Contestants from 16 seasons were nominated ranging from Survivor: Borneo all the way to Survivor: Worlds Apart.

When the poll was published two castaways nominated, Carolyn Rivera and Mike Holloway were still in the game at that point. Jeff Probst later explained that if one of them won the game, and had received enough votes to return, the person with the 11th highest amount of votes in the gender would return. This was put into effect because Mike won the season and finished in the top 10.

Those who were nominated and were not chosen by the public were Teresa Cooper from Survivor: Africa, Shane Powers from Survivor: Panama, Natalie Tenerelli and Stephanie Valencia from Survivor: Redemption Island, Jim Rice and Mikayla Wingle from Survivor: South Pacific, Sabrina Thompson and Troyzan Robertson from Survivor: One World, Brad Culpepper from Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Carolyn Rivera, Max Dawson and Mike Holloway from Survivor: Worlds Apart. As said earlier Mike did have enough votes to return but won his season, exempting him from returning.